Applications of SEMS

Class 0.2s Package: The class 0.2 Fs package is an intelligent solution for all power intensive industries/utilities & open access consumers. It helps in precise monitoring and controlling power consumption for the purpose of effective energy sale/purchase activities (Open Access Trading) & at the same time assist in reducing electricity bill raised from board. The system provides all time accounting of energy consumption or generation in KW/KWH along with the other parameters (as mentioned in the annexure-1) for every 15 Minutes time block which helps in baseline monitoring and increasing accuracy in bidding.

Service Features Description and Impact
Access to cloud hosted UI Access to cloud hosted UI Access to web hosting of Data on the cloud server. This eliminates any wiring and need to install Software at the location.
Access to all Electrical Access to all Electrical parameters Access to over 35 electrical parameters and its trends.
Daily Consumption etc. excel reports for 15 minutes time block A daily excel sheet shall be sent to specified email address for tracking the past days15 minutes consumption.

Subscription to Automated Reports: Daily report (in excel sheet) is sent to specified e-mail address for the tracking of past 15 minutes consumption report (find below the Sample for every 15 minutes data)

Data from "Reports"
Date Time Frequency (Mean) Energy Consumed (kWh)
12/05,00:00AM-00:15AM 49.80 0.78
12/05,00:15AM-00:30AM 49.81 0.95
12/05,00:30AM-00:45AM 49.88 0.85
12/05,00:45AM-01:00AM 49.90 0.76
12/05, 01:00AM-01:15AM 49.88 0.86
12/05,01:15AM-01:30AM 49.83 0.75
12/05,01:30AM-01:45AM 49.90 0.73
12/05,01:45AM-02:00AM 49.94 0.72

Electrical Parameters:
1. KW (Total power)
2. KWh (Energy received/delivered)
4. VLL
5. VLN
6. V Harmonics
7. I Harmonics
8. PF (Power Factor)