SEMS Device

SEMS Device is connected next to the Main Utility power supply, Backup Gen-sets or any individual feeder. The SEMS device precisely measures the energy parameters at various nodes or at various equipments installed at the premises, and uses the meters communication port to fetch the data to the logger which further communicates with the main server via reliable communication channel. The data is accessible at the web browser only to the authorized clients.

Enclosure: SEMS device contains 0.2 s Class meter with a data logger along with a communication unit, all equipped in a single anti-rust durable PVC enclosure. The required CT/PT & power supply connections are sorted on one side of the enclosure for easy wiring.

Web Portal: SEMS web portal allows visualizing the real time data as well as historical data from a minute resolution to an hourly data interval. Report generation facility are also available with custom time range (daily, yesterday, last month or any prescribed set of dates) . List of the energy parameters available on the web portal are listed as annexure-1 of this document.